Netgraph offers the World's first Autodidactic AI engine, along with speed and efficiency gains over traditional AI stacks which mean applications previously unavailable to developers can now be realised with only limited resources.

Augmenting and enhancing human intelligence at scale and speed. Netgraph's autodidactic AI solves the ever-growing challenge of understanding unstructured data at scale, allowing organizations to ingest and analyze billions of full-text documents at previously impossible speeds and efficacy.

Netgraph's patented technology is the first Autodidactic AI: it requires no pre-training, instead learning by itself, and is immediately fluent on any subject regardless of the size or complexity of the source data.

Netgraph's Panoptic AI looks across disparate data sources to produce a complete assessment of a given topic or concept.

Macro-scale changes often start from micro-scale events and the best indicators of future behavior are sitting out in the open for all to see but hidden by the immense, impenetrable noise. Netgraph sifts through the noise to find the signal across public data as well as data an organization supplies and holds locally, identifying emerging trends and deviations from standard behavior.

Netgraph ingests and holds petabytes of public data to augment and enrich an organization's own internal data and research efforts. Correlations are derived across disparate sources to develop a panoptic view of a subject in milliseconds with no training required.

With a full-stack platform built upon new generic graph and timeseries databases, Netgraph has inverted the problem of natural language understanding. Models are generated in milliseconds and adapted automatically to user queries, removing the need for laborious training and complex logic or rigid taxonomies.

Netgraph can keep pace with the complete Twitter firehose with the CPU power of an average laptop. It is capable of ingesting, analyzing, and correlating the entire full-text US Patent and Trademark database in under 80 minutes on a single modest-spec server with no need for sharding.

Searches complete in milliseconds and newly published patents and documents are available within seconds: no re-indexing is ever required.

Deployments of Netgraph can be on-premise (fully airgapped), in a private cloud (Amazon, Google, Azure), or via a public cloud SaaS deployment.

The full lifecycle of information management - from data acquisition to decomposition to understanding - is managed within Netgraph's self-contained analysis engine. Netgraph parses thousands of file formats ranging from documents to email archives to cell tower call log data.

Netgraph's solutions are purpose-built for:


  • Intelligence organizations and security services
  • Patent attorneys and in-house counsel, for defensive or offensive patent efforts (prior art, infringement, portfolio assessments)
  • Meeting insights and collaborative research
  • Enterprises with large document repositories
  • Law firms, for eDiscovery, case management, and caselaw analysis for high volume litigation search and research
  • Investors analyzing markets or individual companies, looking to quickly react to changing conditions
  • Government organizations satisfying Freedom of Information requests
  • PhD and research-oriented firms to keep apprised of developments in an industry and to search existing knowledge

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